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Whirleds Aparts- Female, soldered steel, acrylic gels, cheesecloth, pigments

Jill King- Whirleds Apart


We discovered Jill’s work at the Chicago SOFA show in November 2012.  Jill came to our house to see the colors in our living room and designed a beautiful piece for us that works perfectly in our home.  At her suggestion, we installed lighting which makes the work even more dramatic.  It was a pleasure discovering and working with Jill.  And, more importantly, we love the piece of art that we proudly display above the mantle in our home.

– Doug Kelner

I saw Jill King’s paintings for the first time in Scottsdale some years ago and I knew immediately that I wanted to have some of her work in my house. Her paintings combine a sense of cosmic mystery with a feeling of joy and celebration. I now have four of her paintings and my only regret is that they are all small. However I plan to commission a larger work by her in the near future. My experience with ordering and packaging was that it was easy, quick, and flawless.  I think she is simply one of the best.

– Homer Johnson in Houston, Texas