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Jill King- Whirleds Aparts- FemaleJill King- “Whirleds Apart,” Soldered steel, fabric, pigments and acrylic transfers

It is important to me that my work embraces universal themes that tie us all together- the energy and beauty of the cosmos, forces of nature such as a swirling galaxy or a nebulous cloud suspended in space. I am intrigued by states of being human- all humans- like feeling awkward, empowered or joyful. My work combines steel and sheer fabric and although they look delicate, like the human spirit- they are sturdy, can float and are illuminated by light shining through them. I strive to create works that evoke grace, universal movement and positive shifts in consciousness. My goal is to uplift my viewers and unveil the interconnectedness inherent in all human spirits.


We discovered Jill’s work at the Chicago SOFA show in November 2012.  Jill came to our house to see the colors in our living room and designed a beautiful piece for us that works perfectly in our home.  At her suggestion, we installed lighting which makes the work even more dramatic.  It was a pleasure discovering and working with Jill.  And, more importantly, we love the piece of art that we proudly display above the mantle in our home.

– Doug Kelner

I saw Jill King’s paintings for the first time in Scottsdale some years ago and I knew immediately that I wanted to have some of her work in my house. Her paintings combine a sense of cosmic mystery with a feeling of joy and celebration. I now have four of her paintings and my only regret is that they are all small. However I plan to commission a larger work by her in the near future. My experience with ordering and packaging was that it was easy, quick, and flawless.  I think she is simply one of the best.

– Homer Johnson in Houston, Texas